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This past weekend I took a trip out of the city to see the fall foliage. Even though technically it was past its seasonal peak, I was struck by the crispness and vivid colors still present. It was breathtaking. If you let your eyes focus in, the bright reds, fading oranges, and luminous golden yellows are easy to see. But when gazing at the mountains from afar, it’s a beautiful, peaceful wash of golden color.


I’m from Southern California, where there aren’t distinct seasons. So it was doubly fascinating and stunning to me. It left me thinking about the changing of the seasons, and how that is reflected in wardrobe. I think the basic gist of what I’ve learned in my year and a half living on the East Coast is that it’s rare to find pieces of clothing that work all year round. The more versatile the clothing, the better.


So, here is an outfit to wear during the in between times—where it’s not distinctly autumn or winter, but more of a wash.


—Nicole at Noah Waxman

1) NW Gotham Sneaker in Chocolate Suede ($395)

2) Roda Pocket Squares ($75/each)

3) Randolph Sunglasses ($269)

4) Phantasmagoria Leather Belt ($195)

Shop the sneakers NW Gotham Sneaker online. Bracelets and pocket squares are available in our NYC shop. Call (212) 675 1994 for availability.

“Can I pair those sneaker with a suit?” Oh, yes. Check out our blog post on Sneakers with Suits.


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