Noah Waxman American luxury shoemaker handmade suede Essex sneakers

Ghillie Lacing

One theme that runs throughout our brand is the blending of classic, timeless styles with unique and captivating details. We love the way this theme comes together with the addition of Ghillie lacing on our Essex sneakers and Hyde Park dress shoes.

Ghillie is the name of a dance shoe used in Scotland and Ireland for traditional highland and Irish dancing. The criss-cross, and cross-ankle lacing, which is used on both soft shoes and brogues for dancing purposes, has made its way into men and women’s fashion and become quite sophisticated. And we think what makes our specific Ghillie styles so unique is that, as opposed to using it on a brogue, it’s on a dress sneaker (which is rare in itself), and an oxford. It’s taking really sleek and classy styles, and adding the elegance, history, and rustic vibe of an ancient tradition.

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