Winter Suede Care

So you just picked up an excellent pair of suede shoes. How do you keep them looking great? Suede care is a common concern for shoe lovers. One of the most frequent questions we receive at our West Village shop is how to take care of suede shoes—many people are afraid they’ll ruin it, and quickly.

Suede is the underside of leather and shows the leather’s velvet-like nap. Because of this nature, suede can be more susceptible to stains and wear and tear. But with a few easy steps, you can keep your suede looking great year round.

Many people worry water will immediately ruin it; it won’t. Not that we’d advise jumping into a puddle in your brand new suede sneaker, but a good quality suede shoe is crafted so that you can live your life without the fear of destroying your shoes. So have fun!

Here are a few easy maintenance strategies that have proven to be quite effective. Meltonian Water & Stain protector is a simple spray that seals the suede and protects it from light water and moisture. You can re-apply the spray several times throughout the season. A suede brush is an essential accessory as well. You can give your suede shoes a quick brush and really get them looking the new.

Like all leathers, you should brush off salt stains immediately after wearing. And shoe trees will help maintain shape and longevity. And, like all shoes, there’s a lovely lived-in quality that you can embrace as they age.

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