Noah Waxman American luxury shoemaker handmade Hudson boots

Goodyear welts

If you’re into shoes, you likely know what a Goodyear welt is. Even a casual customer may have encountered the term. Here’s the skinny on this type of construction, and what makes it one of the best.

The goodyear welt is the type of stitching that attaches the upper of a shoe to the sole from the outside. In other words, a goodyear welt can be seen on the outside of the shoe. It gives the shoe excellent protection from the elements (absolutely nothing will seep in to the stitching), and creates a strong, durable last.


We hand make all of our American boots with Goodyear welts in order to ensure the greatest quality/durability possible, and to lock in the all-American flavor of our equally rugged and beautiful Made in the USA collection.

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