I’m so fortunate to have studied the traditional craft of shoemaking. I lived in Holland for ten years, and was introduced to a small school in a village outside of Utrecht. For those interested, it’s got a crazy long Dutch name and goes by its initials, SVGB.

What an experience! I learned about last-making. I cut patterns, sewed uppers, carved leather soles. I joke that my first several pairs were made with blood, literally.

Besides being an incredible learning experience for me, it gave me a foundation for making shoes that informs everything we do here. Respect for traditional craft, and for the precious materials we use, are at the heart of how we make our shoes. Balancing our love of design with a commitment to quality construction and comfort are our core values.

In addition to learning how to make good shoes, I also got to learn how to speak Dutch, as the school was completely in Nederlands. But that’s another story!


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