Noah Waxman American luxury shoemaker handmade engineer boot Garrison

American boots

We have a solid bootmaking tradition here in the USA. I grew up wearing cowboy boots, and boots in general are a never-ending source of fascination and pleasure—to design, to craft, to wear.

Part of the current NW collection is the Handmade in USA boots. The inspiration is classic American workboots—and we experiment with colors, leathers, and textures.

The Garrison is our newest edition. A classic engineer boot, executed perfectly. We use Horween Chromexcel leather, double soles—leather and Vibram, Cat’s Paw heels, and brass hardware. In addition the leather-lined model, we also make a fully shearling-lined edition. Insanely beautiful. My personal favorite is the Loden green color. The pull-up is amazing in this color. Enjoy!



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