horween leather handmade noah waxman

Home Grown Leathers

Here at NW, we love the process of shoemaking.

One of the most important parts of the shoemaking process is the materials used to create the best quality product. We pride ourselves in using what we like to call”Home Grown Leathers”- the top of the line, the crème de la crème. Within our brand, we feature some of the most beautiful leathers in the world, most notably, the leathers used in our Made in the USA collection.

The Made in the USA collection is unique in that it features so many different textures, colors, and variations on a classic goodyear welted, American made shoe. We are thrilled to have a strong relationship with Horween, the oldest and by far, the best tannery in the US, located in Chicago. Their leather is unparalleled in its character and quality, and we are proud to use their chromexcel in a significant portion of our Made in the USA shoes. In addition to the time-honored chromexcel, we are just in love with the American Bison leather that we use to create our Beacons. It’s a rare and beautiful look, with a natural texture that comes through even more with the tanning process.

Attention to detail is another key part of the shoemaking process. Everything from the laces, to the hardware, to the most functional and elegant soles make a difference in creating the utmost comfort and alluring style for our customers. One thing we ensure is that the lining of each shoe is made with the highest grade cow skin, an often overlooked, but essential element. Many shoes in the market are line with pig skin, which is much weaker, and disintegrates quickly. Cow skin lining is sturdy, and makes for a much longer, more durable shoe experience.

Image courtesy of Horween.

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