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Sock Wall

The newest addition to our West Village Shop is our magnificent Sock Wall. Imagine you’ve just purchased an incredible pair of shoes— chances are you’ll want some great socks to go along with them. Or maybe you don’t regularly think about purchasing socks, but you want the best quality possible. We’ve got you covered. We have slowly but surely been building up our sock/accessories collection, and we’re proud to offer you an exclusive look at what we’ve brought in so far.

It goes without saying that American Trench is one of our favorite brands, and we love having their socks on our wall. We carry cashmere, wool, and blend variations, all with the unique and colorful patterns you see pictured. Also featured on the wall is VKNagrani, which we’re really enjoying as well. Their self titled “best socks in the world” are captivatingly beautiful with interesting shapes and patterns. Not to mention how soft and comfortable they are- our customers are raving.

There are also bound to be special surprises on the wall at any given time, be it a handmade, luxurious cashmere scarf, or a highly sought after sock that may be difficult to find elsewhere. Whatever your accessory needs, we encourage you to stop on by and take an in person look at our brand new Sock Wall!



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