Noah Waxman spring style guide handmade American shoes NYC

NW Style/4-Time for Spring

It may not officially be Spring, but the weather and temperament of New York City are saying otherwise. The changing of the season has you feeling your best, and you want to look your best. It’s time to refresh your wardrobe, and bring some color and style to Spring.

We decided on a casual look, for a spring brunch or a walk along the High Line with your friends. Your preferred light wash denim is an essential. Pair it with a pastel flannel to amp up the Spring vibe. We’re also loving the idea of a lightweight beige jacket– not too warm, but perfect to keep you covered from the Spring breeze.

Even a casual ensemble is never complete without the appropriate accessories, so we’ve got a few great ideas lined up for you. Try a slightly faded belt to spice up the stylish look we’re creating here. It will add just the right amount of swagger to your outfit. In addition, you can never go wrong with a simple leather bracelet. It contributes a lot to your look without being ostentatious, even for those of you who don’t typically wear jewelry.

Spring is also the perfect time to add a touch of color with your best socks. Be creative, and have fun picking them out.

Our favorite part of every style guide we make at NW is the shoe pairing, of course. And for this fun and active look, we thought our new Greenwich sneakers were the perfect fit. They are made with a new last that is closer to that of a running shoe, which allows you even more comfort and flexibility throughout your day, especially for long walks around the city, or through the park. The beautiful Ocean or Java suede are an added bonus. They really are a great last piece in the puzzle of the casual Spring outfit. And we hope you love them as much as we do.

Get out there, enjoy the glorious beginnings of a new season, and look amazing while doing it. We’re rooting for you!



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