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West Village 3/Local Theatres

Our NYC location provides us with the opportunity to be supportive of the arts in our community. Broadway is just a few subway stops away, and we enjoy the privilege of attending and supporting Broadway shows. We also recognize that there are amazing local theaters all around our neighborhood that are doing exceptional work. Here are some of the theaters that we are excited to have close by to the NW shop.

  1. Cherry Lane Theatre: The Cherry Lane Theatre, on Commerce Street, is a historic institution and landmark. It first became a theater in 1924, and has lived through many different incarnations, even when surrounding buildings did not survive. These days, the theater is dedicated to being a “safe haven” for the development of new American drama. Some of the greatest actors and writers in American theater have worked, or started their careers there.
  2. Barrow Street Theatre: The Barrow Street Theatre is located in another historically fascinating part of the Village, right next to Greenwich House, a community center with a long tradition of supporting locals with opportunities like art classes, free health services, and hot meals for seniors. Since its opening in 2003, the Barrow Street Theatre has been home to some of NYC’s most innovative and creative productions. Its much anticipated, interactive production of Sweeney Todd (a London transfer that was originally staged in a real pie shop) has just opened. Tickets for next month are selling quickly. You can get them here.
  3. Lucille Lortel Theatre: Yet another landmark spot, the Lucille Lortel Theatre on Christopher Street, hosts different theatre companies that produce highly acclaimed Off-Broadway productions. The Lucille Lortel foundation is one of the major programs in NYC that celebrates, awards, and promotes the growth of Off-Broadway work.
  4. Rattlestick Playwrights Theater: This theatre is right around the corner from our shop, and is home to some captivating theatrical work. It prides itself on producing “proactive”new plays by groundbreaking new playwrights, and boasts collaborations with some of the nation’s most relevant theatre artists. This is a not for profit theatre that inspires the community around it, and helps to launch impressive plays that “might not otherwise be produced”.

These impressive theatres are only a few examples of all of the alluring and important artistic work that takes place in New York City. We are so proud to be a part of their same community, and delighted to share them with you.

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