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One of Spring/Summer 2017‘s most prominent styles is the Hamilton. When people walk into the shop, it immediately receives attention. Partially because of the exuberant colors. Partially because people are excited by the kiltie. But we think the real reason may be related to the fact that they can sense there’s a story behind this shoe. We want to share some of the inspiration that went into its creation, and some tips for how to wear it well.

Part I: Inspiration.

Hamilton is currently Broadway’s biggest hit. Through rap and hip hop music, it tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, and his role in the American Revolution.  Its diverse cast, and unique storytelling method have distinguished this piece as one of the major Broadway shows of our lifetime; a landmark in the theatrical cannon. Our Hamilton Sneaker is named after this musical because of the way it reflects the fashion of the era, and a lot of the colors used in the show. The natural leather laces give it an older, more natural feel, while the kiltie is reminiscent of the ruffles that were the center of eighteenth century men’s fashion.

Part II: What is a Kiltie?

The term “kiltie” refers to a fringed piece that lays over the tongue of a shoe or sneaker. This style originated in Scotland– it’s like a mini kilt for your shoe. Golfers wore kilties to cover their laces and protect the actual shoe from dirt, sand, rain, and other substances found on the course.

Our kilties are, more than anything, a bright or tonal accent. They are removable and reversible from the Hamilton. We love creating modern interpretations of a traditional styles. Check out these kiltie shots, and of course, our Hamilton.

Part III: How should I wear my new Hamiltons?

Pair the Hamiltons with your favorite spring or summer outfit kiltie-less for a classic suede sneaker look. The kiltie can be used in different ways. We suggest going tonal for a more dressy look. It adds a suave touch to your footwear. Reverse the kiltie and go for the color accent on a more casual, fun day.

…and most importantly, stay tuned for our next blog entry on how to properly tie a kiltie, complete with a picture guide!






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