Step-by-Step: How to Tie a Kiltie

As promised in our entry about the Hamilton, here is your step-by-step tutorial on how to tie a kiltie. This can be a challenging journey,  but we have confidence that this guide will give you all of the necessary tools to be a successful kiltie-lacer, and you’ll most likely have a lot of fun doing it.

STEP 1- Loop the laces over the top, then under the first two eyelets closest to the toe.


STEP 2-  Cross the right lace over, and through the third (top) eyelet on the left side.



STEP 3- Cross the left lace over, and through the second (middle) eyelet on the right side.


STEP 4- With that same lace on the right, string through the lower eyelet on the kiltie.


STEP 5- Loop across the kiltie to the lower eyelet on the left side.


STEP 6- With the same lace, string through the second (middle) eyelet on the left side. So, now the kiltie is totally laced in on the bottom layer. When you lace the string through the eyelet, make sure that it’s laced under, like in step 1, so that both sides are even.


STEP 7- Loop that same lace through the third (top) eyelet on the right side.


STEP 8- This is what your shoe should look like at this point. Make sure the top of the kiltie is folded over for the last two steps!


STEP 9- Loop the two laces through the top eyelets of the kiltie- since it’s folded over, you’ll be lacing it through two layers of kiltie. It’ll look like this.




STEP 10- Tie a standard shoe knot– you’ve done it! Congratulations on completing your kiltie tie.


(Since our kiltie is reversible, we’re showing you the opposite side on this picture).

Enjoy your beautifully tied Hamiltons, and the beautiful weather!


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