The Art of Hand-Painted Footwear

Tudor. The name alone invokes images of luxury. It’s a perfectly suited title for our new Spring/Summer 17 oxford, which is elegant in every way. While every detail is meticulously hand-crafted with the utmost care, one in particular distinguishes this shoe: it is hand-painted.

tudor-mercer (1)
The Tudor in Chestnut (front), and the Mercer in T-Moro (back)

Painting shoes is part of a long tradition of handmade footwear. Traditional Dutch clogs, Native American moccasins, and ancient Roman sandals are all examples of shoes that were made more beautiful and lavish by their painted designs. In many ancient societies, painted shoes were indicative of a person’s wealth, and the intricate drawings gave the look a fashionable edge. Needless to say, it was an honor to own pair.


The same respect and admiration for hand-painted shoes are present today. While some styles are outlandish and funky, like the modern shoes on the right, traces of more delicate designs remain. At NW, we’ve chosen to honor the history and tradition of hand-painted leather with a subtle look. The gentle lines and muted tones (especially on the midnight version) pay respect to styles past, while adding our own unique spin on hand-painted artistry. The Tudor is really a special shoe in that respect. It combines unstated class with a lighthearted disposition, and most importantly, you’ll feel like a million bucks while wearing it.







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