Noah Waxman Maglia Francesco handmade luxury umbrella made in Italy


It’s a typical New York City day. You’re taking your daily walk around the park, or to work, and, unbeknownst to you, there is a storm brewing. Suddenly, dark clouds begin their treacherous journey into Manhattan. You feel a chill run down your spine. The esoteric and thrilling feeling that only reveals itself when there’s a change in the weather has engulfed you. The anticipation is palpable. And suddenly, there it is. A giant droplet, racing its compatriots as quickly as it can, desperately reaching its destination- your forehead. You feel the familiar frustration. The concern. You didn’t expect this today.

You can’t control the weather. But you can control the way you experience it. We are proud to introduce the newest addition to the NW Perry Street shop- Maglia Francesco ombrelli. World class, handmade umbrellas custom designed to highlight the colors and textures instrumental to our NW brand. In addition, we are delighted to be the first and only source for this label’s umbrellas in the USA. Knowing the extreme care and precision this family puts into their business, which they have owned since 1854, we feel honored to be able to bring their beautiful products to NYC.


Each Maglia Francesco umbrella is made by hand out of brass, wood, and iron. In our NW collection, gorgeous leather handles with impeccable finishing, as well as natural wood handles that are conveniently removed for simple and comfortable travel, are available. Leather handles are made from one continuous piece of wood for superior beauty and performance. The tip of every umbrella is made with nickel-plated turned brass, or natural horn.


The colors of the umbrella canopy are the signature deep greens and oxbloods reflective of the NW brand. All umbrella fabric is made on tie frames resulting in the striking patterns rarely seen of umbrellas.


The opportunity to turn necessity into luxury is right in front of you. Stop by our West Village shop, and check them out.

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