NW Style/5- Spring & Summer Events

For those of you who love the warmer weather, the melting together of spring and summer is possibly the most pleasant and beautiful time of the year. It’s sunny, but perfectly cool in the evening, and there are plenty of events and activities to occupy your free time.

Whether you’re off to an outdoor dinner party, the horse races, or your child’s graduation, your late spring/early summer style must be exceptional. We’re here to help you make a striking impression no matter what the occasion.

Lighter tones are your best friend in this weather. Along with keeping you cool and refreshed, light colored suits are always the classiest possible way of taking a fashion risk…and what do you have to lose? Start with a beige or cream suit, and a crisp white dress shirt.

Accessories add the right amount of color and expression to a light outfit, so don’t be afraid to choose a bright pocket square. Additionally, a hat is a functional and fashionable accessory- late spring is the perfect time to find yourself a Hemingway-inspired fedora. Trip to key west not included.

Here at NW, we have an affinity for unique socks. So go wild. Choose something out of the ordinary and fun that fits into your accessory color scheme. Of course, interesting socks are pointless without spectacular shoes. That’s where we come in. The Tudor oxford is magnificent. That’s all there is to say about it. Kidding, there’s actually a lot to say. And you can read about its hand-painted splendor here.

Enjoy the dawn of summer, and the wardrobe that comes along with it!

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