Coffee, Shoes: Morning Rituals

Ah, the morning ritual. It somehow mystically holds the key that unlocks the rest of the day. It’s amazing how deeply the first moments, even hours of your consciousness ingrain themselves into your spirit and attitude for whatever you have going on next. So, regardless of the circumstances of your morning, why not create the best possible space for yourself? Coffee and shoes are a great way to start.

Here’s a coffee/shoe morning ritual plan for your reading pleasure. Hopefully it fosters a routine that allows you to approach your day with equal stillness and enthusiasm.

MONDAY. If you look at Monday as a fresh start, it’s really not as awful as it seems. Easier said than done, obviously. But a shot of espresso certainly couldn’t hurt. Blue Bottle Coffee is an exquisite coffee brand that has become a staple in NYC, LA, the Bay Area, and Tokyo. But never fear, if you’re not in one of those areas, they also have a thriving online business where you can purchase whole bean and “perfectly ground” coffee, as well as brewing equipment. Try their 17 ft Ceiling Espresso for a nutty and caramel-y shot that will definitely wake you up. And check out their blog while you’re at it- they write some fascinating articles.

Since it’s more than likely a work day for you, a dress shoe that easily can be worn with jeans, slacks, or a suit ensures that no matter what your workplace, you’re covered. Check out the Mercer in classic and beautiful Cognac. It’ll keep you sleek and sharp on any sleepy Monday. So grab your espresso, and your shoes, and get going!

WEDNESDAY. A perfect day to try something new. Pour Over / drip is a brewing method that takes a little more time, but produces a ridiculously delicious and satisfying end result. Based in a Japanese technique that allows a thin stream with the perfect water to coffee ratio to enter the cup or carafe, pour over coffee is the balanced cup you’ve been waiting for. This method also allows the natural flavors of the coffee beans to come through with more strength- at times, it can even be sweet or floral. Essentially, it’s everything you need to encourage you to get through the rest of your week. You will need a dripper, but that’s easily found at your local convenience store. Blue Bottle also happens to sell one for $25. Toby’s Estate is pretty much the ultimate destination for great drip coffee here in the West Village. And fortunately, they also sell online. Their website conveniently organizes every blend they sell into flavor, and origin. Find your best Toby’s pour over match for this Wednesday, and pair it with your favorite loafers, like the Orient in creamy, luxurious charcoal. It’s a beautiful match. Perfectly balanced coffee, shoes that exude class, and a smile on your face, because your morning was awesome.

FRIDAY. TGIF. You want a vibrant morning that will accelerate the last push toward the weekend. A good ol’ cup of coffee will do the trick. You can’t go wrong with a classic cup of French Roast. Try ordering online from Old City Coffee– a charming shop in Philadelphia that sells a wide variety of premium coffees online. Their dedication to producing high-grade blends, the cozy vibe of their shop and website, and the vast knowledge that their staff makes available distinguishes this brand as one of the best. Speaking of coziness, allow yourself some comfort, and maybe go for sneakers today. It’s always appropriate to match the elegant black pebble Perry with a suit, or jeans. Pick up your mug, and all of your stamina, and get going. The weekend is near!

SUNDAY. Today is about pure relaxation and splurging. Brunch is the obvious choice. After a couple of rounds of mimosas, you’ll definitely want a good coffee to finish off your meal, so why not go for a cappuccino? It is the quintessential brunch coffee. Your casual brunch outfit would be a lot more interesting if you added some color, so try out something like the Freeport loafer in terracotta suede. It’ll be fun. Like brunch.


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