Vachetta Leather: An Artisanal Quality Material

Vachetta Leather, commonly known as vegetable tanned or dyed leather, is a natural processed leather that is as good on the environment as it is on the eyes. Leather hydes are processed with natural dyes that come from sources such as bark, branches, leaves, and even berries. Vachetta leather products are usually a soft beige color that fades into a beautiful patina as it is worn and ages. Vegetable tanned leather is not as commonly used as much as chrome tanned leather in shoemaking, which is more harmful on it’s wearers and the earth due to the chromium salts that is used to produce it.

Two of our new styles for Fall ’17 are made out this craftsman material – the Bedford and the York (shown below): 

bedford_together (1).jpg


Vachetta leather allows for the shoe to form into the shape of it’s wearer’s foot the more it is worn. The Bedford motorcycle boot in Oxblood and Earth and the York derby shoe in Oxblood, Earth, and Black Jade all utilize a dyed vachetta leather with burnishing detailing that combines style & comfort. 

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