Summertime Movie Screenings in the City

One great thing about summer is all of the great opportunities that we’re able to take advantage of with the nice weather. Picnics in Central Park and taking the Q to Coney Island for the day are just a few of the wonderful possibilities that summer has to offer. Another great thing to do is to watch your favorite films on the big screen in some of New York’s iconic locations. Continue reading Summertime Movie Screenings in the City

Coffee, Shoes: Morning Rituals

Ah, the morning ritual. It somehow mystically holds the key that unlocks the rest of the day. It’s amazing how deeply the first moments, even hours of your consciousness ingrain themselves into your spirit and attitude for whatever you have going on next. So, regardless of the circumstances of your morning, why not create the best possible space for yourself? Coffee and shoes are a great way to start. Continue reading Coffee, Shoes: Morning Rituals