Coffee, Shoes: Morning Rituals

Ah, the morning ritual. It somehow mystically holds the key that unlocks the rest of the day. It’s amazing how deeply the first moments, even hours of your consciousness ingrain themselves into your spirit and attitude for whatever you have going on next. So, regardless of the circumstances of your morning, why not create the best possible space for yourself? Coffee and shoes are a great way to start. Continue reading Coffee, Shoes: Morning Rituals

Goin’ to California- a Vacation Guide

Ah, vacation season. The escape from cold weather to white sand and golden sunshine. The salty taste of ocean water. Time spent with family and friends. It’s the best. At least that’s what we think here at NW, and since our Spring/Summer 2017 Collection is centered around California, we thought we’d create a fun vacation guide for a delightful trip to the golden state, put together by our own native Californian on the NW team. Continue reading Goin’ to California- a Vacation Guide

horween leather handmade noah waxman

Home Grown Leathers

Here at NW, we love the process of shoemaking.

One of the most important parts of the shoemaking process is the materials used to create the best quality product. We pride ourselves in using what we like to call”Home Grown Leathers”- the top of the line, the crème de la crème. Within our brand, we feature some of the most beautiful leathers in the world, most notably, the leathers used in our Made in the USA collection. Continue reading Home Grown Leathers